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“Luminophor” Closed  JSC RPF
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About our company.

           “Luminophor” CJSC RPF is the oldest and the only enterprise in Russia which is engaging with scientific researches, technological development and production of versatile luminophor products of high quality. The experimental (development) shop at “Luminophor” CJSC RPF was founded in 1964 and became an experimental base for working through and putting into production the new technologies of the phosphor production and small-tonnage chemical reagents and super pure substances.
           Scientific – production activity of “Luminophor” CJSC RPF lies in the field of inorganic phosphors having exploitation stability and a wide application sphere, that is luminescent illumination, TV and display techniques, X-ray screen, in night viewing devices, protection of valuable papers, luminous paints and many others. There are more than 250 phosphor types in the production list of “Luminophor”. Some of them are unique and do not have foreign analogues.
           Besides inorganic phosphors of practically all known luminescent class (photo-, cathodo-, electro-, X-ray-, thermo- phosphors) the list of our company products also includes a wide assortment of high-sensitive thermoindicators of melting and inorganic chemical materials for vacuum evaporation.
           Our significant advantage is in the high level professionalism of our scientists and their multi-year experience of work in this sphere. Our people are our best capital. Our company’s research staff having a great practical experience has been reserved and the people continue working. Many of them defended the Doctor’s and Candidate’s degrees. Owing to the wide experience and deep knowledge and as a result of the conducted scientific-research works in the wide range of thematical trends “Luminophor” received more than 500 certificates of authorship and patents on invention.
          Our enterprise worked through more than 600 different regulations and techniques on production of phosphors and super pure substances, more than 200 pilot-plant technical certificates for the products developed. Our company published 45 issues of the collected scientific articles “Luminescent materials and super pure substances”. More than 10 All-Union and International conferences and meetings had been held and over 10 000 research articles and thesis of the reports were published in home and foreign editions.
           At present “Luminophor” has got sufficient research and production potential for solving current tasks and mastering new perspective research and production tendencies. The enterprise is ready to cooperate in different directions of activity in order to use effectively the resources available at the company.
         As regards our business partners we are guided by the principle of correct and cultural carrying out our business. At the same time we expect the equal attitude to ourselves in the atmosphere of confidence and responsibility so as to achieve more with mutual efforts than each could gain separately.

Enterprise mission

 Efficient provision of needs of the industry for high-tech products of low-tonnage chemistry (phosphors, materials for thin-film optics, unique reagents for identification technologies, etc.) on the basis of modern knowledge, systematic quality improvement and investing in training and technical re-equipment.

Our principles

- the enterprise for the people and for the country;

- open interaction with partners is the basis of our business;

- we solve our problems themselves.

Our values

- our long history, scientific and industrial experience of our veterinarians;

- the careful and economical expenditure of all resources.

Enterprise goal

- Improvement of the competitiveness of our products as for price and quality;

- Development of client-oriented approach, based on the submission to our partners the most favorable conditions for the full cooperation;

- Increase return on investment resources;

- Development of production and creation of new hi-tech products on the basis of accumulated knowledge in combination with modern technologies.

Our address: 8, Kulakov Ave., Stavropol, Russia,

Tel: +7 (8652) 56-02-70, Fax: +7(8652) 56-07-10

E-mail: lumin.stv@mail.ru