"RPF “Luminofor” Corp." which was officially registrated in January,5, 1998 is the successor to the All-Union Research-Scientific Institute of Phosphors and super pure substances, (VNIIL) which had been created 45 years ago in the system of the State Committee of chemical industry attached to the USSR State Plan (Gosplan) (order # 120 of 6th, April, 1964).

          Before establishing VNIIL in Stavropol the creation and improvement of the home-produced lists of industrial phosphors was separately conducted by specialized laboratories which were the part of scientific-research and production enterprises in different Ministries and institutions and also at the USSR Academy of Sciences. They were only responsible for their narrow direction of scientific researches and were not responsible for the problem as a whole. But in the 2nd part of the 60ties the practical realization of government decision to organize VNIIL and also the plant for producing chemical products and phosphors had already begun in Stavropol.
          By the beginning of the 90ties VNIIL which had formed the scientific-production association with the chemical plant became the head organization for phosphors as it had a many years experience in creating and improving home phosphor products using its own experimental-production base that is, the working shop of experimental installations. The crisis situation in the home economics which had an influence on the company made us to find its own way of surviving. This way was reorganization of the Open Joint Stock Company “Luminophor” with separate several structures including the only research-production firm, namely, "RPF “Luminofor” Corp. 
          The formation of "RPF “Luminofor” Corp." gave the Enterprise a second wind, as it became possible to effectively combine the accumulated scientific potential and a compact volume of easily reconfigurable production facilities, which made the company scientifically and operationally very mobile and therefore capable of responding promptly to virtually any request customers in terms of supplying products, improving the technology of phosphor production in order to achieve the parameters in accordance with the requirements, including the setting of R & D.