Light-correcting additive

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“RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed the compositions and production technologies of the light-correcting agents of “SKD” series which are intended for use when manufacturing modern light-correcting materials in green- and hothouses. The film for greenhouse or polycarbonate containing these agents promotes the activation of photosynthesis processes accelerating growth and ripening of plants and protecting them from frost and overheating. Light correcting additives are manufactured by the Technical Specification (TY) 20.16.10-078-48591565-2021.

Light-correcting additive
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"SKD" agent by day illumination

"SKD" agent by UV-illumination

"SKD" agent by UV-illumination

Добавка «СКД» при естественном освещении

Добавка СКД-1 при УФ-излучении

Добавка СКД-2 при УФ-излучении

Irradiation spectrum the most favorable for photosynthesis  

Luminescence spectrum of "SKD-1'' agent

Luminescence spectrum of "SKD-2'' agent

Спектр облучения, наиболее благоприятный для фотосинтеза

Спектр люминесценции добавки СКД-1

Спектр люминесценции добавки СКД-2  


Usual hothouse coating (without special additives) passes all the sunny spectrum and in several cases it reflects UV- or infrared (IR) emission.

When using “SKD” agent, the part of useful emission increases and harmful one decreases.

Usual hothouse coating (without special additives)

When using "SKD" agent

Обычное тепличное покрытие (без специальных добавок)

При использовании добавки «СКД»


  • By its characteristics the agent exceeds 30-40% of all the analogues available at the market.

  • The agent is easily introduced into polyethylene (PE) or polycarbonate (PC) without requiring additional additives for its uniform distribution.

  • It improves the mechanical strength and frost stability of greenhouse films.

  • The components are of the only Russian production in the agent composition.

  • The most important agent components determining its quality characteristics are inorganic phosphors which convert the “harmful” UV emission into “useful” emission of red and blue spectrum colors. The high quality phosphors of “RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” production are used in the “SKD” agent.

Advantages of light correction with “SKD” agent:

  • increases the rate of photosynthesis;

  • shortens the terms of ripening;

  • increases the harvest;

  • increases the content of vitamins;

  • lengthens a plant stalk.

Operation conditions

The agent content in the film is varied from 0.1 to 3 % depending on the production technology. The precise percentage content of the agent is worked through by a customer in the conditions of his production.