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Smaller, brighter, more sensitive

Specialists of RPF "Luminofor" Corp." have upgraded a number of photophosphors that differ from previously manufactured products in morphological and spectral characteristics:
- anti-stokes phosphor F(a)SD-546-2M - modification of phosphor F(a)SD-546-2, characterized by an expanded excitation spectrum, increased glow intensity, and reduced particle size. The upgraded product is recommended to be used as the basis of luminescent paint for offset printing, as well as as a more sensitive material to IR radiation for creating visualizers;
- photophosphor FK-5M-1 is a modification of the phosphor FK-5M with a maximum particle size of no more than 9 microns and a preserved light intensity;
- photophosphor FL-626M is a modification of the phosphor FL-626, which has an increased glow intensity and a red-crimson luminescence colour with λmax = 670 nm.
Modified photophosphors may be of interest to consumers of materials for printing products.

Successful tests of phosphors for LEDs

LED phosphors developed in RPF "Luminofor" Corp." have been successfully tested at one of the enterprises producing LED products.
The provided report shows that phosphors of green (FLS-520 and FLS-520-1) and yellow-green (FLS-540) glow colours are superior in brightness characteristics to foreign-made materials.

RPF "Luminophor" Corp." resumes the production of X-ray phosphor for the needs of domestic industry

In relation to encountered difficulties in the phosphor's import used for the production of fluorescent intensifying screens, Russian manufacturers have increased demand for domestic luminescent materials. RPF "Luminofor" Corp." took it into consideration and organized as soon as possible an area for the production of X-ray phosphor based on calcium tungstate.
The full capacity of the recreated production is up to 3 tons per year.
RPF "Luminofor" Corp." invites consumers of fluorescent and other special chemical products to cooperate.

Technical Specification (ТУ) on the phosphor of FSV-540 type

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed and registered the Technical Specification (ТY) 20.12.24-084-48591565-2022 on the phosphor FSV-540.
The phosphor FSV-540 combines the ability to generate the stationary photoluminescence when excited by ultraviolet light source, to illuminate the stored light sum in the dark and react to infrared radiation, giving a short-term flash of luminescence.
This product is resistant to aqueous media and can be used as the basis of luminescent paints for security printing for hidden labeling of products and packaging, as a scintillation material for the visualization of IR radiation.

Technical Specification (ТУ) on phosphors of FLP type

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed Technical Specifications (ТY) 20.12.24-083-48591565-2022 on optically colour changing phosphors FLP-475/626, FLP-546/626.
These phosphors are composite materials which absorb the exciting emission in the wide spectral range, convert it and re-emit the absorbed energy in the several ranges of the visible spectrum depending on the wavelength of the exciting emission and used as the base for luminescent paints used for security printing; for secret marking of products and package.

New technologies of film-forming materials

"RPF "Luminofor" Corp. has been developed a technology for the production of test samples of film-forming materials - zinc telluride and zinc sulfide for thin-layer optics in the form of tablets, purity 5N.  
The technology of obtaining a pilot batch of film–forming material - lutetium oxide in the form of tablets was also perfected. The density of tablets was 6.9 g/cm3.

             Zinc sulphide 5 N                                       Zinc telluride 5 N                                     Lutecium oxide

Technical Specification (ТУ) on colour changing phosphors

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed the Technical Specification (ТY) 20.12.24-081-48591565-2022 and TY 20.12.24-083-48591565-2022 on series of colour changing phosphors developed and manufactured at the enterprise.
 These phosphors are used as the base for luminescent paints used for security printing; for secret marking of products and package.

Affiliation with APSS

Our company was admitted as a member of the Association of Manufacturers of LEDs and Systems based on them (APSS), who is a part of the ANO "Consortium of Lighting Engineering" at 24 February 2022.
We work closely with  Association's enterprises (the leading Russian manufacturers of LEDs) for the development and supply of special phosphors for the production of "white" LEDs.
уведомление ЗАО НПФ Люминофор.jpg5 уведомление ЗАО НПФ Люминофор.jpg

Expansion of nomenclature of FFMs

As part of the expansion of the range of film-forming materials produced at RPF “Luminofor” Corp.”, an industrial technology of film-forming materials has been developed. They can produce in the form of praseodymium fluoride and neodymium fluoride tablets for thin-layer optics.

     praseodymium fluoride (PrF3)                neodymium fluoride  (NdF3)

Неодим фторид (2).jpg      Празеодим фторид.jpg

New development of film-forming materials

Specialists of RPF "Luminofor" had developed new types of film-forming materials (FFM):
- granulated lanthanum fluoride for thin-layer optics (granules 1-10 mm);
aluminium oxide for thin-layer optics in the spherical form of granules  (Ø 1-5 mm);
- tableted titanium (III) oxide Ti2O3 for thin-layer optics;
- tableted zirconium (IV) oxide doped yttrium oxide (with different content of yttrium) for thin-layer optics;
- tableted yttrium-cerium (IV) oxide (50/50%) for thin-layer optics.

Technical Specification (ТУ) on Scintillators

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed and registered the Technical Specification (ТY 20.12.24-090-48591565-2021) on scintillators (LRB-1, LRB-2).
These materials are used as an indicator material when creation of the compact scintillating devices which register of the ionizing radiation with long lifetime and high brightness.

Technical Specification (ТУ) on phosphors of FSV types

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed and registered the Technical Specifications (ТY 20.12.24-087-48591565-2021, TY 20.12.24-088-48591565-2021) on flashed phosphors  (FSV-480, FSV-630, FSV-650, FSV-800).
These phosphors are used as the base for luminescent paints used for security printing; for secret marking of products and package.

Thermoindicator patches in the new design

"RPF "Luminofor" Corp." specialists have developed a new design of thermoindicator patches. By their shapes patches stick on any surface safely, for example, on a conductor insalation near an elecntric contact.
Compact thermoindicator patches easily fit on objects with the smallest surface area.
Thermoindicator patch sticks "in ring" or "in tuck" for contaminated materials or materials with low adhesive (PTFE or polyethylene).
The main difference and advantage of this technology is the detection of an emergency that has already occurred, as any electronic equipment does, but first signs of a pre-emergency situation that can lead to equipment failure, an emergency stop of the technical process, a fire, etc.
7х7анг.jpg        15х15 eng.jpg  30х35eng.jpg      160х20 eng.jpg

Visualizators with bettered characteristics

In may 2021, RPF "Luminofor" Corp. specialists extended the visualization range of visualizators to 2 micron. Previous products detected in the 750-1750 nm spectral range. New model of the visualizator works in the spectral range 750-2100 nm.

Technical Specification (ТУ) on phosphors with IR-emission

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed the Technical Specification (ТУ 20.12.24-082-48591565-2021) on Stokes phosphors of FL-type with IR-emission (FL-800, FL-820, FL-940).
These phosphors are used as the base for luminescent paints; in various types of IR-converters; when creating secret  machine readable luminescent marks for protection of securities; for marking industrial products.

Technical Specification (TY) on phosphors of FK-type

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed the Technical Specification (ТУ 20.12.24-081-48591565-2021) on phosphors with fine granulometric composition of FK-type (FK-1M, FK-2M, FK-3M, FK-4M, FK-5M, FK-6M, FK-7M, FK-8M, FK-9M).
These phosphors are used as the base for luminescent paints in various signs and indicators, in security printing, for secret marking of industrial products.

State registration of magnetic powder production

In March 2021, RPF "Luminofor" Corp. received Certificates of state registration of chemical products for magnetic powder defectoscopy, developed at our enterprise.
In accordance with Certificates, the RPF "Luminofor" Corp. products are compliant with the Uniform Sanitary and Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Goods Subject to Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision
(Control) by the decision of the Customs Union No. 299 of 28.05.2010 (Chapter II, section 11, section 19).

Technical Specification (TY) on visualizators

RPF “Luminofor” Corp.” specialists have developed the Technical Specification (ТУ) on the visualizators converting a laser ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) emission into a visible light.

Technical Specification (TY) on light correcting additives

"RPF "Luminofor" Corp. specialists developed the Technical Specification (TY 20.16.10-078-48591565-2021)) on the light correcting additives. These additives are used as a reactive agent when manufacturing polyethylene film or polycarbonate. The additives convert UV sun radiation into the useful emission in the red spectrum range (SKD-1 and SKD-2) and blue spectrum range (SKD-2).  


RPF "Luminofor" Corp. has received the License for conduct of works with state secret (issued by FSB, GT series No. 0114538, registration number 1133 dated September 14, 2020.
The license is valid until September 14, 2025).