Piezoceramics material CTS-19

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Piezoceramics material CTS-19
Piezoceramic material CTS-19 is used in the manufacture of piezoelectric elements used to create highly sensitive receivers of sound and ultrasonic vibrations in hydroacoustics and medicine, for various sensors and other piezoelectric devices.


    #                        Index name                     Norm   
    1     Appearance   White powder or granulers, 
 yellow or orange tinge is allowed 
    2   Avarage particle size of initial powder          Not more 1.5 micron
    3   Grain size of mold powder          Not more 0.3 micron
    4   Mass content  of organic material in the mold powder           Not more 1, mass
    5   Mass content of water (when using water-based binders)             3-5, mass

Operating conditions

Piezoceramic materials are used for the preparation of ceramic masses in accordance with the technological process of the Consumer.