Photophosphor FSV-590

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Photophosphor FSV-590
Flashed phosphors absorb and accumulate an exciting emission (UV-, the emission of the visible spectrum range) and emit the recombination emission in the visible spectrum range as a bright and fast light flash when irradiated with a stimulated emission of IR spectrum that is, they convert an invisible IR emission into a visible light.

  • as a base for fluorescent paints;

  • as luminescent signs for marking devices, documents and other products;

  • as a luminescent component in the research.


High sensitivity of the phosphors to the IR-radiation with a low intensity in the wide spectral range.

                           Items                                         Values          
         Steady emission colour (flash)            yellow
           Photoexcitation range, nm          200-530
            IR-stimulation range, nm         800-1500
          Average particle size, micron            5-15
                    Powder colour       yellow-green

Average particle size, µm