Photophosphor FV-470D

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 Photophosphor FV-470D

This phosphor is used to store the energy under irradiation by UV- or visible light and they have their own afterglow for a long time after ceasing the excitation. The excitation source can be sunlight, electric lamps, fluorescent lamps, UV-emitters.


  • as the base for luminescent paints in various signs and indicators;

  • for marking devices and control elements;

  • for painting wall panels and buildings elements, for decoration of offices, shop-windows etc.;

  • art painting and polygraphy;

  • as fillers for production of plastics, films, artificial fibers, leathers, rubbers, fabrics, ceramics.


    High brightness and long afterglow of phosphors correspond to the requirements of standards when producing special signs. The color gamma of the phosphors line finds application in the original artistic solutions when manufacturing consumer goods and decoration works.

                              Items            Value          
                        Emission color               blue   
            Average particle size, micron                      20-30    
                 Afterglow time, hours             0.5-1.0
                      Powder colour            white

Average particle size, µm