Photophosphor FLS-650-1

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Photophosphor FLS-650-1
This LED phosphor effectively absorbs the exciting emission of the blue range in the visible spectrum and emits a recombination emission.

  • as a luminescent component in the production of LED;
  • as a base for fluorescent paints in various signs and indicators;
  • in art painting and polygraphy;
  • as fillers for producing plastics, films, artificial fibers, leathers, fabrics, ceramics.


  • high conversion efficiency;

  • simple and available technology of the phosphors application;

  • the possibility of unlimited regeneration of their light emitting function.

                                  Items                                                   Value          
                            Emission colour            red-orange        
                        Excitation range, nm              200-400
                Average particle size, micron                19-29
                             Powder colour                brown

Emission color
Excitation range, nm
Average particle size, µm