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Offset paints

They are specially developed for the classic offset printing. There are modifications for waterless offset (Toray Waterless technology), and also for the machines equipped with UV-dryers.

Silk-Screen paints

They are specially developed for silk-screen printing. They are suitable for the machines with plane and rotary printing. The grid used is from 70 to 140 lines on 1 centimeter. There are modifications for UV-curing paints.

Printing paints


These paints are used for producing polygraphy products with luminescent properties for creating bright design. 

The picture is under daylight
The picture is under UV-light 
Краски печатные

A number of paints are also used in protective technologies for creating unique signs.   

An Example of a luminescent sign with double UV- and IR- protection

View of luminescent mark under daylight
View of luminescent mark by UV- and IR-excitation
Краски печатные

Different types of signs

A list of the main printing paints

таблица краски eng.jpg

Information for other types of paints and their operation conditions is presented by request.