Film-forming materials based on metal oxides (oxide FFM) are mainly used as average- and high-refracting components of multifilmed interference coatings. Due to their high hardness some oxide FFM are often used as protective layers. The range of transparency of these compounds is found from vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to IR 8-12 microns.

Product form

Depending on the type of the evaporating installation and the chemical composition, FFM can be supplied in the form of granules, tablets and targets of the required size.


For manufacturing optical interference antireflection; anti-reflective; protective coatings on optical parts (prisms, lenses, filters) made of glass, monocrystals, optical ceramics, etc.:

  • by the method of vacuum electronic-beam and resistive evaporation;

  • by the method of magnetron and ion-plasma sputtering.


Today our company is the only Russian manufacturer and developer of high-purity materials for thin-filmed optics. We can produce the FFM with the form and size by a customer’s request. Besides we can develop and produce the required FFM composition according to your technical specification.


* Production is temporarily stoped. Renewal is possible by prior approval.